The Scientific Foundation of the Spanish Association Against Cancer

Over 104 millon € in 565 projects

The Scientific Foundation of the Spanish Association Against Cancer is a private funding entity that improves the quality of life of people by supporting cancer research in Spain. Since 1971, it has become the private entity that allocates the most funds to oncology research, thanks to the support of the Spanish Association Against Cancer and its 52 branches throughout the country.

2030 goal: increase cancer survival to 70%

Leading the change in cancer research in Spain

With the main objective of increasing cancer patient’s survival rate, the the Scientific Foundation promotes and boosts scientific talent, from individuals to networked, interdisciplinary and international research projects, ranging from basic to translational and clinical environments, without forgetting innovation and entrepreneurship. Always striving to surpass itself, it has set the ambitious goal of achieving a 70% survival rate for cancer patients by 2030. This will only be possible if the best research teams join forces together to tackle the greatest challenges in cancer research.

To learn more about the Scientific Foundation visit our website (only in Spanish).

The Spanish Association Against Cancer

The reference entity in the fight against cancer for 69 years

The Spanish Association Against has been the reference entity in the fight against cancer for 69 years. It dedicates its efforts to showing the reality of cancer in Spain, detecting areas for improvement and launching a process of social transformation that allows them to be corrected in order to eliminate inequities in Spain. The Association integrates patients, relatives, volunteers and professionals who work together to prevent, raise awareness, accompany affected people and finance cancer research projects that will allow better diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Structured in 52 Provincial Headquarters, and present in more than 2,000 Spanish towns, it has over 30,000 volunteers, almost 600,000 members and 1,160 professionals.

During 2021, the Spanish Association Against Cancer has provided free services for 136,000 people affected by cancer.

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